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Who We Are

Welcome to the Maastricht Rebels Basketball team.

The new team in Maastricht which has joined forces with BC Kimbria to create a professional Team called the Rebels.

With the long history of BC Kimbria and Maastricht, we are now able to create a professional team that has aspirations of playing in Europe within 3 years as a professional team not only representing its home town of  Maastricht, but Limburg and Netherlands basketball.

Stay tuned to this website to get more information over the coming weeks, as we release our new logos, merchandise, team rosters and more. Visit our news page for upcoming dates and things we are doing.

If you are interested in playing professionally for the team or volunteering or looking to work with us as a paid Rebel on our staff, then please contact us either by telephone or email on our contact page or send us a request to join the team if you are a player on our workout and trial page. 

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