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About us

The Maastricht rebels have arrived. Its been a while since Maastricht had a professional basketball or a team that played in the top divisions. BC Kimbria and Maastricht basketball holdings have created a partnership to develop a professional team in the city of Maastricht that is focused on community, lifestyle, professionalism and development with a view to creating infrastructure and a team the city can be proud of.


our Story

The first community cooperation was to join forces with YCND (Your Coach Next Door) who help and assist adolescent kids with obesity. As a growing concern worldwide, obesity has become a focus for many people to help solve, and YCND is a world leader in the promotion and development of programs to solve obesity in kids. Our team will be creating ambassadors, hero’s and ambassadors not just in basketball but in a community that grows in Maastricht and worldwide.

2023 has seen the birth of Maastricht basketball as a professional operation and has a 3 year goal to play in a European competition. These are high expectations but realistic as the team and management looks at professionalizing its approach and tailoring its direction to achieve these goals.

The Rebels, which is the nickname and the mascot of the team will be the face of its business program, its endeavours locally and internationally. The rebel business club will organize food and beverages, events and opportunities for local and international businessmen to create real business relationships.


We look forward to keeping you up to date on the rebels developments and will let you know about events, dates and important information in local news, social media and on our news feeds. If you would like to get in touch to sponsor or be involved with the Maastricht rebels then please send an email and we will have one of our staff get in touch with you


Tel: +31 613758999

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