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Business Club

Welcome to the Rebel club….or more affectionately the club of Rebels. Our business club will be offering a little different type of business club to the usual have a drink and some food with basketball. Our business club will be looking to network, create opportunities for business, have some fun and reward our loyal Business Rebels with something worth winning.

Our first 100 members to the business club will receive the opportunity to not only receive shares in the company running the Maastricht rebels basketball club but to win either an all expenses paid trip to the euroleague finals or to win a Harley Davidson bike.

Not only are we trying to make it fun, rewarding, business minded but to reward the loyalty of our members and their support for helping us create the rebels and to achieving their goals of playing in Europe.

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Why not get in contact with us to see the various packages we have for you to join the rebels.


+31 613758999


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