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We see it happening. All around us. In ourselves. In our children. Our weight is increasing. It creeps in. It does something to you. Physically and mentally. And breaking your lifestyle pattern turns out not to be so easy. Not as adults and certainly not for children. It makes them vulnerable. They grow up unhealthy and unhappy and because of their overweight or obesity have an increased risk of all kinds of diseases.Your Coach Next Door (YCND) is a leader in guiding overweight children to a healthy and happy life. YCND makes a difference in children's lives by helping them live healthy lives. Healthy exercise is an important part of that.  Basketball is the number one sport for children participating in the YCND program!  The Maastricht REBELS get children moving with basketball. This way children get the best out of themselves. Moreover, the local heroes are ambassadors for a healthy lifestyle for these kids. YCND and the Rebels score together with a healthy youth and future!


aita basketball

AITA is proud to be a cooperation partner with the Maastricht rebels basketball program. Our commitment to a high standard of education to sports and athletes who compete in sport is our fundamental concern. Maastricht basketball has a dedicated scholarship provision for basketball players at AITA, with its flexible and certified program as an international school that provides international and US curriculum courses and schooling.


Our goal is to provide our partners with a quality schooling and education program that fits the needs of the athlete, the club and the organization to best develop all parties needs and requirements. We are looking forward to the season with Maastricht rebels.

LapCorporation enriching Businesses, Gaming Communities and Beyond. 

Committed to enriching gaming communities and beyond. 


Specializing in customized game servers for Minecraft and GTAV, our expert developers tailor experiences to meet players' unique desires. 


Beyond gaming, we offer diverse digital services, including website development and cybersecurity expertise. 


With a community-centric approach, we prioritize engaging with our members to continuously improve our offerings. Innovation is our hallmark, as we embrace new technologies and foster collaborative partnerships within the industry. 


Join LapCorporation to experience a blend of passion, expertise, and community spirit, where gaming excellence knows no bounds.


LapCorporation is not affiliated with Maastricht Rebels.

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