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dear sponsors

The Rebels aim is to provide our local and national partners with the ability to see their brand associated with a visible team that plays a unique brand of professional basketball, with a schedule against the top teams not only in the Netherlands, but across Europe. We feel that The Rebels (provides a high ROI), the right demographics and a participation that makes commercial sense for local, National and International companies to support. 

We have been fortunate to be able to assemble not only current talent, but also future talented athletes that will be the brand ambassadors and local community heros. Our players will become household names in the future, either on the National scene or future professionals at larger clubs. This is a great opportunity to be associated and get to meet these young men before they move to potentially future stardom.

Image by Markus Spiske

our objective

​Our objective this year is to raise an additional  250,000 euros through commercial sponsorship, advertising, marketing and investment and business partners who see the value of the professional connection not only for the community but for the sport and its development. To achieve that objective we are approaching you to participate in one of our sponsorship/partnership opportunities that we have attached for your attention. I have briefly listed them below:


Business club member

Courtside advertising

Game  Sponsor


Program Sponsor


Season, VIP and Ticket sponsor


Team Sponsor


Partner Program

Business Rebels

Business club membership

Apply by e-mail.

Courtside Advertising

​We will host approximately 20-30 home games depending invitations, pre season and playoffs and final tournament. We will place 2.5m x 1m double-sided advertising boards courtside. There are a total of 24 boards. We have various games covered by live streaming, local radio and TV.

The list of benefits is attached as a separate sheet

Game Sponsor

As a game night sponsor, you will be able to call that game evening the “company name Basketball game night”. Our game nights sponsor package starts at 1500 per game.

Please see attached information on Game sponsors. You will receive a ball and a jersey signed by the team.

Program Sponsor

We have various sizes of advertising opportunities available in the game program from either a ¼ quarter page to a full-page advertisement. These opportunities start at 150.

Ticket Sponsor

Our Ticket Sponsor will have their name on our game day tickets. We would ask that our Ticket sponsor make the ticket redeemable in order that game day spectators may redeem or receive a discount on a purchase from our sponsors stores or products, thus driving potential clients to the sponsor.

Season, VIP and
Ticket sponsor

Our VIP and season ticket holders are able to purchase a ticket at 250 and 150 respectfully. This ticket not only gives you access to the rebels games but automatically enters you into a draw/competition to win either a harley Davidson or a car.

Team Sponsor

De rebellen hebben slots op hun uniformen, kleding, tassen en transport.
Deze slots zijn beschikbaar bij
- Hoofdteam sponsor    
- Co-sponsor

Partner Program

Our partner program is whereby companies or individuals can cooperate by supplying services to the rebels such as transport, IT, marketing, printing and other service based solutions to make the professionalism of the rebels even better for all the participants and fans. Each partner program is individually made to suit what you have as a company.

Business Rebels

Business rebels are the investors of the club. We would willingly schedule a meeting to discuss your interest in being a share holder in the rebels. Shares can be bought either by an individual as a gift or an investment by a company.

We would like to thank you for your time in reading our information. I hope that you will take this opportunity to meet with us in person and to discuss the items we have presented to you in this document and its attachments.


We hope that you will be a part of our organization and partner with us to help the lives of many young individuals who will make a difference in our community and the communities they return to in the future.

Yours sincerely,

The Rebels

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